Learn more about the data and systems that drive the reports you need for optimal results. Experian has served the commercial credit industry for over 40 years and maintains the world's largest consumer database as well. We invite you to explore how our data assets are leveraged into the most reliable credit report products and services in the industry.

Small Business Advantage

Statistics show that extending credit to small business can be a risky proposition, since many of these businesses have minimal commercial credit history at best. Recent studies from Experian prove that leveraging information on a business entity with the owners' personal credit performance is far more predictive than commercial data alone.

Recent Surveys and Studies

Value Proposition

We get it…everyone needs to stretch their dollars nowadays, and there's no exemption for credit report services. Whatever your budget is, we will find a way to work with you. You'll love our service too !


First impressions last a lifetime! Improve your customer experience through this new mobile app that enables your sales force to collaborate with the credit department in real time
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Latest News and Events:

Introducing Experian’s new Supplier Profile Report Your suppliers are integral to how your business meets demand. A few bad one’s with no back-up can break the supply chain, causing delays, frustration, and send your hard earned customers right out the door with no guaranteed return visit. Be in the know with Experian’s brand new Supplier Profile Report to understand your company’s risk exposure, and how to build better supplier relationships.  More>>
The gap between credit and sales just got smaller BusinessIQ Mobile enables your sales force and credit department to work together seamlessly in real time! Experian's new mobile app empowers salespeople in the field to quickly assess potential prospects that meet your company's credit requirements. No need to guess if the prospect qualifies, or waste time on companies that have low approval rates.  More>>
How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Post-Disaster Recovery Scams When a small business is damaged by a natural disaster — be it a hurricane, flood, earthquake or tornado — recovery presents its own set of hazards. There is, of course, the immediate cost of lost business. There are both short- and long-term physical dangers posed by weakened walls and ceilings, exposed power cables and mold. And then there are the threats posed by skilled disaster recovery scam artists who see small business owners as easy prey.  More>>
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