Account Advisor

Account Advisor is an easy-to-use, desktop solution that enables you to analyze credit risk by showing performance trends on specific customer accounts relative to your entire portfolio over time.

Account Advisor works in conjunction with Experian's Portfolio Scoring, which is a batch scoring service for data contributors who routinely download their accounts receivable data file to Experian. Once this file is received, Experian will append the Intelliscore Plus credit rating on your accounts in addition to a range of other performance-based payment information and public record data. The return file that's created is formatted by Experian to easily upload into Account Advisor software.

Account Advisor analyzes Portfolio Scoring data in four distinct views:

  • Portfolio view: Macro summary of the performance statistics for the entire scored portfolio.
  • Table view: Spreadsheet of all scored accounts, including detailed performance statistics by account.
  • Detail view: Refined look at the performance of individual accounts.
  • Custom view: Detailed look of an individual account that uses specific data that's imported from your system. Also provides an area for you to enter comments and notes regarding the account.


The longer you contribute data to Experian, the more powerful and predictive Account Advisor becomes. Every month or quarter, your updated file is stored and archived in the Account Advisor database giving you a comprehensive, up to date risk assessment on your portfolio. This will enable you to identify performance trends more effectively, and use the information to adjust your credit policy or marketing strategies.

Account Advisor also includes a mail merge command that lets you use the mail merge features of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word to create and print customized letters, such as:

  • Collection letters
  • Credit limit increase letters
  • Cross-selling letters
  • Up-selling letters
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