Credit Risk Advisor

Experian Credit Risk Advisor is an ideal solution for companies focused on improving operational efficiency and decision consistency for new accounts and existing customers. It provides a customized auto-decisioning environment that's tailored to your pre-configured rule sets and credit policies of your business. Credit Risk Advisor comprises a powerful combination of Experian business information and your internal accounts receivable data. The combined effect enables you to make a comprehensive assessment of your customer relationships.

All decisions made through Credit Risk Advisor utilize Experian's business information databases. Credit Risk Advisor also serves as a launch point to access Experian's online commercial credit database called BizSource which contains credit files on over 19 million businesses.

Installing Credit Risk Advisor on your desktop is a snap and takes under an hour to be up and running! Just follow the user-friendly wizards to set up your preferences and credit policy guidelines that are tailored to the credit application process at your company.

If you are currently using DNBi or eRAM, you're in for quite a pleasant surprise. Please call us for a free 30-day trial today!

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