Portfolio Analysis

Experian Portfolio Analysis enables you to understand and improve operating performance of your accounts receivable portfolio through a variety of perspectives. This tool can be used to measure performance within your own company guidelines, and make recommended policy changes to other areas of your business that may be at risk. Strong visual charts and graphics provide the knowledge you need for making timely adjustments to align your credit policies with actual performance.

Portfolio Analysis views include:

  • Summary & Performance – Credit Limit, Utilization, Delinquency, Outstanding Balance at Risk.
    (view sample screen shot)
  • Risk & Aging – Days Beyond Terms, Intelliscore classification by risk groups.
    (view sample screen shot)
  • Concentration – Customer Industry Type, Geographical locations, Size of Business,
    Age of Customer’s Business. (view sample screen shot)
  • Benchmarking –Benchmarks your customers Industry types and Geographical locations.
    (view sample screen shot)
  • Trends – 24 month analysis with Days Beyond Terms, Credit Limit, Utilization, Intelliscore
  • Exposure – Highlights credit exposure and potential risk impact on a specific customer’s entire
    corporate hierarchy.

All reports generated through Portfolio Analysis come with a simple interface for “drill down” views of specific account data and instant, easy to understand reporting for senior management.

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