Portfolio Monitor

As a contributor of accounts receivable information to Experian's database, be the first to know which customers are headed for troubled times. Portfolio Monitor gives you that advantage by alerting you with new relevant information based on criteria that you can pre-set. When any of your customers falter to the point of triggering your criteria, Experian will send you a warning message via email or online so you can take prompt action. Now you can gain control of your accounts proactively based on factual information to realign credit limits, modify credit terms, or pursue more aggressive collection efforts … before it's too late.

Portfolio Monitor Warning Detail Reports are easy to use and alert you to:

  • Significant changes in your customers' payment patterns with other vendors.
  • Daily updates of critical derogatory changes such as new activity from collection agencies, and other vendors who report data to Experian.
  • Bankruptcy filings, Tax liens and Court judgments – all of which are sent to you from Experian as express alerts to your email address.


Account Monitoring Service

This service is a highly customizable monitoring service that notifies you of specific changes of your customers' business performance. This product is only available on portfolios over 20,000 accounts. Please contact Steve Thomson for more information at 415.861.4224.

Portfolio Alert Advisor

This is a web-based software solution that interfaces with the customizable features within Account Monitoring Service, and enables you to view and process alerts with greater flexibility.

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