MSCCM Debt Collection Services

Let's face it, times are tough and resources are scarce which all adds up to more pressure to take appropriate action on troublesome accounts. Naturally, there's many reasons to feel reluctant when considering outside help. However, savvy - well timed collection activity may be the best solution to avoid the possibility of imminent write offs.

BCI clearly understands the dilemma you face before submitting a claim to an agency, since you need to make sure you're entrusting professionals who can collect monies owed while preserving your customer relationships in good standing. And that's why we have entered a new partnership agreement with someone we know will give you the best experience possible - Mountain States Commercial Credit Management (MSCCM).

Here's just a few points that sum up why we have chosen to partner with MSCCM:


Ten Day Free Demand Letters:  No charge if payments are made and reported within 10 days
Free Advisory Service:  On large balance accounts over $10,000. Includes pre-check for negative or positive information to determine potential for recovery prior to placement. Fees are negotiable.


Experian business credit:  Upon your request, debtor information will be reported to Experian.
Immediate action on new claims:  Regardless of balance owed, we immediately make contact with your customer.
Monthly status reports:  Keep you informed on the progress on your accounts.


Preferred / Reduced Fee Schedule:  Special low rates on qualifying accounts. All fees contingent upon collection results.
Weekly Remittance:  Timely returns on all monies collected.
Maintain Trust Accounts:  Funds collected held in secured accounts.
Outsourcing Campaigns:  First party collection activity under your company name.

Licensed / bonded / membership with the following organizations:

Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA):  MSCCM is a certified member of the CCAA, one of the oldest and most respected creditor's rights organizations in the country.

10 reasons you should work with an agency that is CCAA certified:
  1. Our professional practices will help attain maximum dollar recovery.
  2. Prompt remittance of funds to creditors.
  3. On-going oversight to ensure adherence to a rigorous Code of Ethics.
  4. Minimum $300,000 surety bond for your protection.
  5. Maintenance of separate Trust Accounts for collected funds.
  6. Reputable collection procedures that maintain your customers' good will.
  7. The agency has been in business for a minimum of five years.
  8. Agency executives are required to attend yearly seminars and educational meetings.
  9. Assistance choosing legal counsel when necessary.
  10. Creditors may call on the Agency Association's Executive Director should a complaint arise regarding an agency certified by the CLLA.


Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) MSCCM is an active, certified member in good standing.

Membership in the CLLA is not the same as certified by the CLLA. Only 115 of the 4,000 collection agencies nationwide have qualified for CCAA membership and certification by the CLLA due to their rigorous code of ethics. Learn more...


International Assoc. of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC):  MSCCM is an active member of the IACC, having fulfilled rigorous standards and requirements. Our experience as a commercial collections specialist has been verified by IACC. In addition to meeting IACC's professional code of ethics, professionalism, and character, we’re expected to maintain high standards and continually strive for greater excellence in our business operations.

The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. is an international trade association comprised of more than 240 collection specialists and 160 commercial attorneys. With members throughout the U.S. and in 20 international countries, IACC is the largest organization of commercial collection specialists in the world.


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