Delinquency Notification Service (DNS)

Experian's Delinquency Notification ServiceSM is a cost-effective way to increase the likelihood of receiving payments from your delinquent commercial accounts.
Delinquency Notification Service works like a collection letter service, however with a lot more intelligence! Once you've sent your list of past due accounts to Experian, these delinquent customers will receive a letter in the mail — in your own words, that's printed on Experian letterhead with envelope. The letter will raise immediate awareness to your customer that a failure to meet payment obligations may adversely affect the business credit rating on their company. Naturally, this could impact them from getting credit elsewhere, including restricted credit terms from other creditors or banks. The letter does, however, provide clear instructions on how they can promptly rectify their past-due status and receive a free copy of their business credit report, assuring them that their credit rating has been restored.

Enrich customer relationships

Besides motivating your commercial customers to promptly pay past-due debt, the letter also provides instruction on how they can become more involved in their credit rating by receiving alerts on their current credit status and a free online business credit report. Your customers are presented with an offer for a 60-day trial of Experian's Business Credit Advantage,SM which allows them to make better-informed financial decisions and help improve their credit standing. Not only do you collect debt, but your customers learn about resources to improve their credit — it's a win-win situation.

Collect on debts quicker

Through a feed of customer contact information and debt amount that you provide in a standardized format, Delinquency Notification Service contacts your debtors via mail on Experian letterhead, indicating their current debt obligations and the effect they will have on their business credit. Clear instructions are provided on how they can promptly rectify their past-due status.

With Delinquency Notification Service, you have the necessary resources and flexibility to meet your specific needs:

  • Receive payment on your bills first
  • Provide educational tools to customers in debt
  • Discourage delinquent payments
  • Reward timely payments
  • Use a third party to contact debtors


Enhance your customer data with advanced features

Leveraging Experian's global data repositories to enhance your existing data, Delinquency Notification Service offers the following features:

  • Auto-feed capabilities to Experian
  • Experian demographic data enhancements
  • Alternate address selection that sends letters to all addresses of a small business on record
  • Flexibility to send alternate mailings to a variety of customer bases
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