Experian Consumer Credit Reports

Experian's consumer Credit Profile Report provides the most current, accurate and complete information available, enabling you to make smarter, more informed credit decisions on new and existing customers. Superior data quality generated from Experian's File One sm database contains unsurpassed coverage on nearly 210 million credit active consumers nationwide. Inquiries to this system initiate a search which produces an applicant's credit history for various purposes as shown below.

Samples of each report type are available by clicking the report name shown.

Credit Profile Report

Credit Profile Report

The credit information in this report provides you insight into an individual's entire credit history, business relationships, financial commitments, and legal history.


There are four variations of the Credit Profile Report based on your permissible purpose as follows:

1. Landlord / Tenant Report
The most complete credit report available on how your rental applicants are meeting their financial obligations. Also includes Federal, State and County court filings, prior address and employment history and SSN verification.

2. Employment Verification Report
This specialized report not only gives you the ability to evaluate how applicants handle personal finances, but also the means to verify and learn more about information contained in the employment application. Collectively, this information can provide early signs of an individual's qualifications, anticipated job performance, and character.

3. Collection Report
To increase your chances of debt recovery, this highly organized report provides the most current credit information along with creditor contacts and phone numbers to help you quickly prioritize, skip trace and take action on delinquent accounts.

4. Consumer Review Report
Prepare yourself for whatever challenge lies ahead with an updated credit report of your own personal credit history. This report lets you know in advance how other creditors view their relationship with you.

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