BizSource Database & TrueSearch

BizSource is the name of Experian's new commercial database, which effectively integrates business intelligence, comprehensive commercial data, and our 30-year database management expertise to give you more thorough and accurate business credit information from a single source.
In combination with TrueSearch, the company's innovative new search and match technology, users can easily access BizSource's in-depth intelligence on 19 million U.S. businesses spanning every industry and state to obtain relevant, comprehensive company views on nationwide inquiries.

Launching a comprehensive commercial data powerhouse

BizSource houses Experian's comprehensive commercial data to help users make better-informed credit decisions. Unlike consumer credit reports, business intelligence tends to be fragmented and difficult to track as companies change names, ownership, addresses and affiliations with larger entities. To ensure maximum predictiveness, Experian updates files with fresh data as the information is reported and drops inactive tradelines after 36 months.

Powerful TrueSearch process

TrueSearch engages a referential matching system that combines all variations of a company's name, address and associated data into one record. Tracking variations over time, the referential matching system increases file depth and provides a more comprehensive credit profile or score. No matter which variation you query, it matches with the correct record. The result is an accurate, more comprehensive view of a business entity over time.

Persistent tracking over time

To track companies as they move or change names, TrueSearch assigns a nine-digit Business Identification Number that persists over time regardless of whether the business ownership has changed hands or if the company has just moved a few streets away, ensuring delivery of the most comprehensive credit report or score. Multiple Business Identification Numbers can be combined in a Business View to show a single entity's creditworthiness in one record rather than in fragmented pieces.

Access superior commercial data

Working together, BizSource and TrueSearch provide users with:

  • A more comprehensive credit profile through consolidation of data from various sources into one record
  • A persistent Business Identification Number (BIN) to track a business over time
  • Increased matches on inquiries
  • Improved file depth and accuracy
  • More data on more inquiries
  • Match quality that continually improves over time
  • The ability to blend commercial and consumer data for small businesses
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