How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Post-Disaster Recovery Scams
When a small business is damaged by a natural disaster — be it a hurricane, flood, earthquake or tornado — recovery presents its own set of hazards. There is, of course, the immediate cost of lost business. There are both short- and long-term physical dangers posed by weakened walls and ceilings, exposed power cables and mold. And then there are the threats posed by skilled disaster recovery scam artists who see small business owners as easy prey.  More>>
Experian honored as part of Forbes’ top 100 “World’s Most Innovative Companies” for third straight year
Costa Mesa, Calif., Sept. 8, 2016 — Experian® has been named one of the top 100 most innovative companies for the third year in a row by Forbes magazine. In the publication’s sixth annual list of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies,” Experian climbed to the rank of 71st, alongside a host of other reputable companies including Tesla, Unilever and Under Armour.   More >>
Enhanced risk assessment with new release of Intelliscore Plus V.2
In an economy that’s still recovering from the financial setbacks of the past several years, the ability to quickly evaluate business risk is essential to your bottom line. To reflect these changing market conditions, Experian has released Intelliscore Plus V.2 for a more accurate assessment on the probability of receiving payments from customer accounts timely, and within terms. More>>


Need more credit-worthy prospects?
Experian’s recent release of Commercial Profile Database provides key marketing data on over 19 million US businesses so you can start cultivating new relationships fast. Even better yet, leverage the power of this lead source in combination with Experian’s Commercial Risk Database to target the most profitable accounts for optimal campaign results.  More>>


Experian’s new Financial Stability Risk Score (FSRS) coming early 2012!
Cross-industry research study reveals the need for more predictive tools to assess long-term viability of businesses and the impacts of financial stress in an uncertain economy. The synergy of Experian’s flagship scoring system Intelliscore Plus and FSRS pack a powerful punch to distinguish slow pay businesses from those that are so unstable, they may never pay. More>>
New Tri-level coverage on Small Businesses.
Evaluating personal credit history on the owner’s of small businesses that lack commercial history is a good start, but you’ll be surprised what your missing with Experian’s new suite of Business Owner Background Reports. More>>
Experian's new flagship report Premier Profile is here!
Premier Profile is the new benchmark for Experian that provides the most complete, comprehensive history on the credit worthiness of businesses. Highlights include a new streamlined “Dashboard” design, Fraud shield, and Credit Limit Recommendations. More>>
New Debt Collection Services - work smarter and save now!
Customer relations can be a huge challenge when customers stop paying their invoices on time. And if the strain on your cash flow is too much to bear, BCI has a new solution that can help you recover fast. Introducing our new partnership agreement with MSCCM Debt Collection Services.
Business IQ – it's a game changer!
Experian's brand new fully integrated, web-based application that provides commercial credit executives with the entire suite of Experian services from one portal; including Quick access to retrieve credit reports – Real time alerts / Customized monitoring – Comprehensive A/R portfolio analysis – Flexible auto-decisioning geared to your credit policies – Collection tools.
Corporate Linkage. Finally, it's here!
Experian has completed a major integration of the entire business credit data base with Corporate Linkage for enhanced decision making. This new feature automatically informs decision makers of distinct legal relationships within a family tree – whether Parent / Subsidiary ... or Headquarter / Branch.
Experian BizIDSM Now available!
Finally, a powerful, low cost, easily accessible solution that lets you know in advance if potential customers are targeting your company to set-up a fraudulent account.
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