Portfolio Scoring

Evaluating the credit worthiness of existing customers is a never ending process that requires accurate information from reliable sources beyond what your internal system may be telling you. As a data contributor to Experian, you can quickly expand your range of knowledge on every account in your portfolio – and at regular intervals, by enhancing your customer data with Portfolio Scoring information from Experian. Portfolio Scoring will help you identify high risk situations early on so you can prioritize other account management activities that also mitigate risk.

Portfolio Scoring is a batch process from Experian that applies a consistent method of evaluating specific accounts and your portfolio as a whole. A predictive risk score along with current payment statistics, public record info, and demographic attributes are assigned to each account in your customer portfolio enabling you to make more insightful credit decisions while developing strategic plans that are consistent with your company's credit policies. Over time, you will be able to identify trends in specific accounts that are becoming more or less risky. There are four models to choose from:

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