Data Reporting Benefits

Better Leverage in Debt Collection

Get the competitive edge your company deserves and find out how your customers win too by reporting your accounts receivable data to Experian. It's a common misconception that only large companies benefit from reported information. Not true — small business customers rarely get a chance to build up the credit rating on their business. But by paying you on time, they have a golden opportunity to do just that — and more!

On that same note, small businesses realize the reverse is true too – not paying promptly will negatively impact their credit rating and possibly prevent them from gaining favorable credit terms elsewhere.

Minimize Write-offs

Know when to "hold 'em and when to fold 'em". Customers' who know you are reporting payment behavior to Experian are far less likely to default on their debt.

Collection Call Relief

Tired of hounding the same old customers month after month? Letting them know that your company is reporting their payment habits to a national credit bureau may just be the “wake-up call” they need.

Product Discounts

As a data contributor, you will qualify to receive added discounts for many of Experian's credit reports and services.

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