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Understanding the State of Small Business Risk
It's no secret that over the last two years, small business credit risk has increased at a distressing rate. Since 2007, five key measures of risk — bankruptcy, lien filings, judgment filings, collections and severe delinquency in payments — showed a consistent, increasing risk trend. While this study supports the notion that many businesses have struggled to meet their payment obligations, it also shows the overwhelming majority that were healthy at the start of 2007 have remained so throughout the present financial crisis.
Capitalizing on the Small Business Market
As big businesses look to attract new customers, a shift has begun over the past several years to make a conscious acquisition effort in the form of dedicated marketing plans and budgets to target small business owners (fewer than 25 employees).
Small Business Owners and Credit Evaluation
Credit managers rely heavily upon external data sources to guide them in the credit decision process. To approve or reject a loan request is a delicate task. A credit manager must evaluate the risk associated with extending credit versus declining an applicant based on numerous factors. All the while, he or she is driven by the desire to generate revenue for the company. This article explores the credit evaluation process, particularly as it relates to small businesses.

Predicting Risk: The relationship between business and consumer scores

An in-depth examination of whether personal or business credit information is most effective in detecting credit problems among small businesses.

Consumer vs. Commercial Scores: A blend of both is best for small business

Deciding whether to extend credit to a small business has long been more art than science. Small business lending historically has been a process built on relationships, judgment calls — and luck.

Best Practices for Preventing Fraud Losses and Protecting Customers from Identity Theft

"Know your customers" always has been important for preventing fraud and identity theft, which continue to become more sophisticated and widespread. Today, as government-enforced identification programs and other regulations proliferate, there are even more compelling reasons for knowing who your customers are. Given the growth of identity theft and greater concern for national security, industry experts believe more legislation to prevent economic crimes is likely soon.

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