Information Partnership

Experian holds pride in the depth and accuracy of data maintained through all its databases for the purpose of enabling those who rely upon it – an opportunity to make credit decisions that foster profitable growth. We're fortunate that our thousands of data contributors who rely upon our information products carry that same sense of duty and responsibility by participating in the process of sharing information. We ask you to join us in this ongoing mission. And not merely for the benefit of the additional services your company will benefit from — but to help us build a path to the next generation of predictive information tools that will enable you and other businesses a chance to establish better customer relationships at all levels.

Our Promise to You

Experian prides itself on the depth and accuracy of the data that's maintained in all of its databases. Reporting your customers' payment behavior is one more step in the ongoing process that strengthens and enhances the reliability of information for making sound credit decisions. After all, let's give credit where credit is due!

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