Search Optimization

Although BusinessIQ search screens indicate required fields with a red asterisk, it is always best to enter as much information as possible. In addition, entering data in the correct manner is important. You can optimize your search by keeping the following in mind:

  • Each word in the business name must be separated by a blank space in order to be read as an individual word.
  • All words in the business name should be included in the search field. If the business name is too long (greater than 40 characters, including blanks), it is best to remove the last word of the name completely rather than input a partial word.
  • Use only well-known, standard abbreviations when you must abbreviate to shorten the name length.
  • You do not have to input words such as CO, CORP, INC, COMPANY, CORPORATION, INCORPORATED or other forms of these words.
  • There is no need to remove dashes, slashes or periods between letters. For instance, A.B.C. or A-B-C or A/B/C are treated the same as ABC.
  • Plural word can be entered with or without the “s” on the word.
  • Words that run together, such as HEALTHCARE, HOMECARE, GIFTSHOP and AIRCONDITIONING, may cause search problems. If you get a No Record using these types of words, separate and input them as two words and try again.
  • If a business name begins with "A" or "The", it's always best to include in the search. For example, "The Business", or "A One Stop Shop".
  • Hyphenated words can be treated as two words. If no record is found, you may want to retry the search as a single word.
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