Decision Insight

Decision Insight is a desktop credit decision tool designed to process new account applications instantly based on a powerful combination of business credit data, consumer credit data (optional), and user-defined scoring matrices. Decision Insight enables you to automate credit approval and/or pre-approval decisions based on rule-sets that you establish during installation of the software. Decision Insight virtually eliminates manual credit evaluation by applying specific decisions and/or instructions that you decide in advance, to assure consistency within your credit policy guidelines.

Decision Insight is an excellent solution for:

  • Companies that want to automate their credit decision process beyond pass/fail credit scores, and don't have the resources to build a custom solution from scratch
  • Companies that need the power of a multi-user platform that provides the power of a customized and automated solution without purchasing software
  • Companies that want the ability to pre-approve, cross-sell, and up-sell products at the point of transaction


Robust & Custom Credit Criteria

Decision Insight uses a combination of credit scores and critical credit criteria to automate your credit policy decisions. The information available for use through Decision Insight includes:

  • Intelliscore Plus
  • Intelliscore Plus-Blended
  • Lease Decision Score
  • Small Business Lease Decision Score
  • Bankruptcy, judgments, liens and collections
  • Months on file
  • Inquiries in last nine months
  • Highest DBT in last six months
  • Number of active tradelines
  • High credit balance over the last 12 months, or average balance for the past 5 quarters


Robust Management Reports

Valuable statistical reports are accessible, so you will have the opportunity to adjust decision criteria when needed.

  • Daily activity reports list all transactions during the day
  • Monthly statistics reports list accounts approved/disapproved for each decision rule


Client Friendly Application

  • Decision Insight is available via CPU-to-CPU, or online through Experian BizApps application.
  • There are minimal requirements for coding CPU-to-CPU, and internet clients will benefit from an intuitive, user-friendly interface.


Getting Started is Seamless and Fast

  • Define and implement your credit criteria into Decision Insight in a matter of hours, even if you're not a techy
  • Customize your credit criteria using our templates as a starting point
  • Editing your criteria is easy and fast
  • Call on us to help you customize your criteria, rather than trying to figure it out alone
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